TOYO TIRES | Surprising the World - A Story - 60 sec.

Two competitive cars displaying TOYO TIRES logos enter a fairyland world. Moving at extreme speeds and making unbelievable turns, they also cast a good magic spell upon the scenery through which they travel as well as various characters who make appearances in the movie. This brand concept movie dramatically expressing our “Surprising the World” concept can be viewed now.

By incorporating bits of stories loved by people around the world and passed down from generation to generation, this movie was created to deliver the message that TOYO TIRES wants to deliver excitement and surprise again in 2017. Be sure to watch it and be surprised!

■Tires and machines used
Tires: PROXES R1R, PROXES T1 Sports

■Music used
Song title: Embrace Your Life
Lyrics: Lynne Hobday
Composer: TOMISIRO
Performers: Lynne Hobday, Greg Irwin, Kaori

Masato Kawabata and Hideyuki Fujino of Team TOYO TIRES Drift supported by TOYO TIRES.

2017/05/22 に公開