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  • Toyo Tires presents another exciting Match Sponsor Day game at AC Milan vs. S.S. Lazio!

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Apr. 12, 2016

Toyo Tires presents another exciting Match Sponsor Day game at AC Milan vs. S.S. Lazio!

20160405_img01As a Premium Sponsor of AC Milan, once each year our company hosts a “TOYO TIRES presents” Match Sponsor Day. This year’s event was held at the Sunday, March 20, 2016 match against S.S. Lazio. This is Wakimoto reporting to you on a heated day from AC Milan’s home turf with San Siro Stadium adorned in the colors of Toyo Tires.


20160405_img02Prior to the start of football matches, the players always take to the pitch to warm up. Many fans arrive early to get a glance at their favorite stars as they gear up for the game. On this day, the fans were greeted not only by the players but by giant while balloons proudly displaying the Toyo Tires logo. What’s the story with these enormous floating balloons?


20160405_img03As the fans were hypnotized by the balloons, “Chase in Milan,” a video collaboration between Toyo Tires and AC Milan, began to play on the massive overhead video screen. Naturally the video was a special version in support of AC Milan.


20160405_img04For the fans of AC Milan, this familiar video started to heat up the venue. A team of cute cheerleaders then brought the warmed up stadium to a full boil! While cheerleading is quite common in Japan and the U.S., in Europe this style of cheering is apparently a unique sight.


20160405_img05The team of talented ladies consisted of 15 elite performers selected from FICEC (the Italian Cheerleading Federation). The group mesmerized the huge San Siro crowd with a magnificent performance featuring original dance moves. A big thank you to all of the lovely cheerleaders who practiced intently right up to the start of the match to form the Toyo Tires “T!” in the left photo.
(Check out even more practice moves of this talented group in action at the Italian National Team website (site is in Italian)).


CALCIOIncidentally, the cheerleaders’ costumes were specially made for this day only! The outfits boldly displayed the tread pattern of the Toyo’s Proxes R1R high-performance tire.


20160405_img07Following the cheerleading performance, the balloon corps shifted into motion.


CALCIOAs the starting player announcements reverberated throughout the stadium, the balloons were released, unveiling a banner featuring an image of each announced player. The crowd reacted with enthusiastic cheers as each announced player’s image was dramatically revealed.


20160405_img09Meanwhile, an another continent, a force of 38 employees and customers of the Toyo Tires distributorship in Thailand further fueled the excitement of Match Sponsor Day, with each member sporting AC Milan jersey number 10! It seems that Keisuke Honda has quite a following even in Thailand! This passionate Thai support even generated buzz on AC Milan’s official Twitter feed.


20160405_img10A stadium tour prior to the start of the match granted special access to areas like the locker room and bench not normally seen by the general public. And while the game itself ended in a draw, hopefully those who attended were able to experience the fun and excitement of Toyo Tires Match Sponsor Day.

Toyo Tires will continue to collaborate with AC Milan and roll out exciting new support campaigns to energize the team as well as Serie A. What will the next project have in store? Stay tuned. FORZA MILAN!

[Report: Wakimoto]