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Mar. 08, 2016

Toyo Tires begins support of up-and-coming GIANTS Australian rules football team.


Toyo Tires is engaged in a wide range of activities throughout the world with an aim of deepening brand familiarity among its many customers. As one such initiative, Toyo Tyre & Rubber Australia Ltd. (“TAL”), the company’s Australian sales subsidiary, has concluded a sponsorship agreement with the GIANTS Australian rules football team. The GIANTS are an up-and-coming team that joined the league in 2012, but before we introduce them, are you familiar with Australian rules football?



The first thing you should know is that the Australian Football League has a rich history that spans over 100 years, and that the sport is Australia’s most popular. The league championship each year attracts over 100,000 fans to the venue and is enjoyed on TV by over 3.6 million viewers, making it one of Australia’s most exciting sporting events. The popularity of Australian rules football is on a part with that of sumo in Japan! It is a sport that is loved and supported by fans of every generation, young and old.



Around 1858 cricket players began playing the sport as a way to train in the winter, and its rules were created based on rugby. However, while similar in many respects to rugby, the biggest differences between the two sports are the shape of the playing field and the method of passing. Whereas the rugby field is rectangular, in Australian football the field is elliptical. The four poles standing at each end are the goalposts, and points are earned by kicking the ball through the goals.



Another difference is the rule for passing that says the ball cannot be thrown. A caught ball is advanced toward the goal by “handball,” or punching the ball forward. Feel the power!!



The popularity of Australian rules football has earned it many nicknames, including “footy,” “Aussie rules,” or “AFL” to denote the league. Our GIANTS are the newest addition to the 18-team league.



Though the team is new, don’t take them lightly. The GIANTS are a team on the rise, and fans have high-rising hopes that they’ll emerge atop the standings in this year’s “2016 Toyota AFL Premiership” league play! The team’s goal is to advance to the playoffs contested among the top eight teams at the end of league play. With the team so resolute in their intent to march boldly into the heavily contested playoff fray, it’s only fitting that we be right alongside supporting them!



As a team immensely popular with the entire family that epitomizes toughness, the GIANTS are the ideal fit for the image Toyo Tires is aiming to project in Australia. TAL will support the team by displaying the company logo on the team’s uniforms and through various marketing activities featuring the team’s players. Please join us in rooting on the GIANTS to victory!

[Report: Wakimoto]