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  • Iconic Cars Converge at World Heritage Site! Reporting on the second NCCR 2016 and the stunning contrast between Koyasan and the classic and supercars weaving through it.

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Dec. 08, 2016

Iconic Cars Converge at World Heritage Site! Reporting on the second NCCR 2016 and the stunning contrast between Koyasan and the classic and supercars weaving through it.


Picture late September, when mountains begin donning their autumn attire. “NCCR 2016 Katsuragi-Koyasan” was held on Sunday, September 25. It was our first attempt at racing iconic cars from the past and high-performance sports cars on Yamato Road and through the Koyasan Heritage Site. Entered were 45 machines representing famous cars from around the world. In this report, we introduce you to not only the allure of iconic cars and sports cars, but the mystique of Koyasan as well!


The course starting point was located at the base of Mount Katsuragi in the southwest part of Nara prefecture, at the Katsuragai City Yashikiyama Park parking lot, and from there proceeded south on Yamato Road. It turned around at Koyasan, then returned to the starting point. Along the length of the 140 km round-trip course were set up 8 special stages, through which time-attack competitions were held.


Upon leaving Nara and entering Koyasan, the air instantly felt crisp against the skin. One iconic car after another raced up mystical Koyasan. The contrast was priceless!


There were many ways to enjoy the early autumn drive and tourist attractions of Koyasan, and those drivers who made it there had the opportunity to savor vegetarian dishes at Eikoin Temple, while those who were interested also experienced zazen (Zen meditation).
Visiting the World Heritage Site Koyasan just as the leaves were about to change color was an experience that was set apart from everyday life.


This was not simply cruising, of course. It was a rally event and, this time, time attacks were set up in 8  special stages! TSD rallying was another component of the competition. 
All public roads were closed-off for the Toyo Tires Special Stage Soni Classic event held in Soni in Nara prefecture in May, eliminating the need to worry about other vehicles.
However, this time there was heavy traffic on the public roads that must have posed a major obstacle for many of the participants. Nonetheless, all the drivers seemed to enjoy driving their own beloved, classic cars.


At the Katsuragai City Yashikiyama Park parking lot that served as both the start line and finish line, the Nara Prefectural Police Department and the Nara Traffic Safety Association hosted an “Autumn Traffic Safety Campaign” awareness event.


With this event, Toyo Tires wanted to as many people as possible to get a look at this meeting between classic cars and reverent sacred grounds, so we used drones to create a video using footage of the Koyasan sites. The video is a striking compilation of clips that include Koyasan priests conducting the Buddhist rite of burning cedar sticks and reciting sutra in front of the flames, and the PROXES R888 fitted on the Nissan Skyline GT-R popularly known as Hakosuka. It presents a rare and unique view of the world, so be sure to check it out.



Next up is the 3rd NCCR 2016, to be held mid-winter in December on Awaji Island in Hyogo prefecture. This will be the final chapter of this year’s rally events. It will no doubt be a thrilling event, so be sure not to miss it!

(Reported by Wakimoto)