Press Release


Jun. 01, 2017

Tire Production at Malaysia Plant Surpasses 10 Million Units

Hyogo, Japan – June 1, 2017 – TOYO TIRE & RUBBER CO., LTD. (President & CEO: Takeshi Shimizu) announces that tire production volume at Toyo Tyre Malaysia Sdn Bhd (hereinafter referred to as “TTM”), an automobile tire manufacturing subsidiary in Malaysia, has exceeded a total of 10 million units.


TTM was established in Malaysia’s Perak State in May 2013 as one of the hubs supporting Toyo Tires’ business strategy for further expanding in the global tires supply structure. TTM has implemented the elemental technologies from Toyo Tires’ proprietary tire manufacturing method (A.T.O.M.*1), producing high-value-added tires with superior quality, functionality and world-renowned uniformity*2. TTM functions as a global hub for supplying not just Southeast Asia, but also others market segments, including Europe, Japan, and North America.

*1 A.T.O.M.  : An abbreviation of Advanced Tire Operation Module, the name of Toyo Tire’s proprietary high-efficiency tire production technology (new production method)
*2 Uniformity:Uniformity (balance) of the elements required in tires, including not just dimensions, but also weight and rigidity

The current TTM plant building has a production capacity of 5 million units per year at full capacity. Since it began operations in 2013, it has incrementally invested in facilities, steadily maintained and expanded its utilization rate.
Furthermore, TTM has a land sufficient to build a similar-sized plant building which located besides the current plant building, making it possible to respond to future increase in market demand.

Toyo Tires has identified operational optimization and portfolio reinforcement as priorities for its tire supply strategy in the new medium-term management plan, “Mid-term ‘17,” which covers a four-year period starting from 2017.
While clearly defining the character of each plant in Japan, the U.S., and Asia, Toyo Tires aims to establish a global distribution platform allowing for prompt and flexible responses to market needs and sales trends, optimize supply combinations, and further enhance production and supply structures.

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