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Jul. 30, 2004

Zero Emmissions Achieved at 18 Domestic Bases

Toyo Tire & Rubber accomplished zero emmissions at all production facilities in Japan, including Toyo Group production bases

July 30, 2004 OSAKA, JAPAN – Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd. (president: Yoshio Kataoka) today announced accomplishment of zero emmissions (defined as an amount of waste directly disposed in landfills accounting for less than 1% of total waste generated) in July 2004 at all 18 domestic production facilities, including those in the Toyo Group (13 production bases at 11 sites), and five other bases, such as the Osaka and Tokyo headquarters and technical centers.

Toyo has been striving to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste in a groupwide drive toward accomplishing zero emmissions by the end of fiscal 2006. Fukushima Rubber Co., Ltd. achieved zero emmissions at the end of fiscal 2002, and the Hyogo Manufacturing Complex and Toyo Soflan Co., Ltd. followed in fiscal 2004. Thus, in fiscal 2004, the amounts of industrial waste directly disposed at landfill sites decreased 76 percent from the previous year, to 1,070 tons. In July 2004, the Company’s Sendai Plant, Kuwana Plant, the manufacturing facilities of Chubu Soflan Co., Ltd., T.G.K. Co., Ltd., and Ayabe Toyo Rubber Co., Ltd., both Osaka and Tokyo headquarters, and two technical centers attained zero emmissions. Consequently, the Company achieved zero emmissions across the enterprise – one and a half years ahead of schedule.

With “environment and safety” as the central theme of its business operations, Toyo manufactures and supplies tires, industrial rubber products, polyurethane and plastic products, and also provides related services. In 1992, the Company established the “Toyo Global Environmental Charter,” together with an action program called the “Toyo Global Environmental Action Plan.” In addition, one of the core policies in the Company’s “21st Century Management Vision” relates environmental concern to the Toyo commitment to remaining a value-creating company that meets the requirements of the communities it serves. The Management Vision calls for fulfilling this responsibility through the creation of a comfortable environment. In the effort, the Company will continue to focus on reducing environmental impact.

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