Press Release


Nov. 29, 2001

Toyo Technical Center Main Building Completed

Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd. (President and CEO: Shozo Katayama) has been redeveloping its existing tire technology center (located in Itami, Hyogo) into a core base for the CompanyI¡­s research and development department. Toyo took an important step in the drive, inaugurating the recently completed main building at the Toyo Technical Center.

The Toyo Technical Center main building is a special facility, built to further enhance our researchersI¡­ creativity.

The building adopts an unique construction design. It is broadly divided into three zones: a test zone for automotive tire experimentation and evaluation (1st and 2nd floors), a buffer zone (3rd floor), and a research zone for new product development (4th and 5th floors). While the test area may be subjected to a variety of noises and vibrations, research requires a quiet space to facilitate thinking. The mid-level buffer serves to ensure that each of these zone remains sufficiently independent, yet effectively interconnected. In accomplishing this design feat, the building employs an intermediate seismic isolation system, featuring special seismic isolation devices installed in the buffer zone. The devices are a combination of a natural rubber bearing, an elastic sliding bearing, and a steel rod damper, all of which are developed by Toyo. In terms of its business function, the third floor serves as both a customer care center and a product showcase, where visitors can see for themselves fireproof as well as non-shielding versions of the seismic isolation rubber bearings.

The main building also incorporates cutting-edge audio-visual equipment and information technology infrastructure, in a design that supports faster development of the CompanyI¡­s products and technologies.

Key facts about the Toyo Technical Center main building:

Location: 104 Amatsu-Fujinoki, Itami, Hyogo

Structure: Reinforced concrete and steel frame, partially steel-framed reinforced concrete structure, five stories above ground level, with a one-story


Total floor area: Approx. 9,750 m2

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