Overseas manufacturing sites:Toyo Tire (Zhucheng) Co., Ltd.

通伊欧輪胎(諸城)有限公司 / Toyo Tire (Zhucheng) Co., Ltd.

Country China (Shangdong)
Established 2004 (It became the subsidiary in 2011)
Capital 330 million RMB
Number of employees
at the end of FY2015
542 people
Products Tires for trucks and buses

Environmental impact data

Item unit FY2013 FY2014 FY2015
Energy consumption (crude oil equivalent) Electricity kl 5,229 5,103 4,265
Fuel kl 5,118 4,856 3,846
CO2 emissions per unit of production t-CO2/t 2.784 2.955 3.237
Landfill waste per unit of production t/t 0 0 0
Water used t 99,371 176,182 159,899
  • * CO2 emissions per unit of production after FY2005 has recalculated using a revised emission factor.

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