Quality Assurance Efforts

TOYO Product Safety Charter

In its Charter of Corporate Behavior, the Toyo Tires Group states as its manufacturing principle that we will “strive for the highest levels of quality, safety, and societal benefits in our products and services.” We have also established the Toyo Product Safety Charter to clearly define the fundamental philosophy and action guidelines regarding product safety. To translate these philosophy and guidelines into practice, we have developed a concrete action plan and are implementing it.

1. Fundamental Philosophy
Throughout our corporate efforts to provide better movement and greater comfort, we provide even safer products to customers, consumers, and society, and contribute to the creation of a wealthy and abundant society.

2. Action Guidelines

  1. As an environment-creating corporation that seeks to make even more symbiotic relationships between people and the earth, Toyo Tire & Rubber provides customers, consumers, and society with products and services that are trusted and safe.
  2. To assure the safety of products, Toyo Tire & Rubber complies with the necessary internal rules and external laws, regulations, standards and guidelines, and based on conformity with them, seeks even higher product safety.
  3. Toyo Tire & Rubber considers product safety from the stages of product planning, development and design, through to production, sales, and even after the end of use.
  4. Toyo Tire & Rubber conducts education and awareness-raising concerning product safety for every employee layer and seeks to raise product safety consciousness.
  5. At Toyo Tire & Rubber, in addition to informing and educating customers and consumers about methods of suitable use for products and misuse prevention, we listen earnestly to their opinions and desires and reflect them in our products as we pursue thorough product safety.

Quality assurance system

In July 2015, the Quality Assurance Division was established by upgrading the former Quality Assurance Department, and efforts have since been made to rebuild the quality assurance and management system. Also, the quality assurance department at each production site was placed under the Quality Assurance Division to enhance the independence of quality assurance departments from other departments and to strengthen cooperation among quality assurance departments. Furthermore, the Standards Management Department has also been established as a dedicated organization to review and manage applications for external certifications.

In cooperation with external agencies, the Quality Assurance Division is working to reform not only the quality management system at the production stage but also the quality planning and quality design systems at the design and production preparation stages.

Quality Assurance System

Quality Assurance System

Quality management system certification status

We are implementing quality management systems based on ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 standards.

As of the end of December 2015, in the Tire Business, 10 bases including all production bases (8 bases) in Japan and overseas have acquired ISO 9001 certification. Efforts to obtain ISO/TS 16949 certification are also ongoing at our domestic and overseas bases, resulting in 6 domestic and overseas plants receiving ISO/TS 16949 certification as of the end of December 2015.

In the DiverTech Business, 12 bases have acquired ISO 9001 certification and 2 bases of those also have acquired ISO/TS 16949 certification in Japan and overseas.

Quality Management System (ISO 9001/TS16949) Certification Status

Business site Year/Month certified
ISO9001 ISO/TS16949
Sendai Plant 1995/ 7 2006/11
Kuwana Plant, Tire Business Group Headquarters


Kuwana Plant, DT Business Group Headquarters

2001/ 6


Toyo Soflan Co., Ltd. -
Hyogo Manufacturing Complex 2000/ 1 -
Ayabe Toyo Rubber Co., Ltd. 2003/ 1 -
Fukushima Rubber Co., Ltd. 1997/ 3 2010/11
Soflan Wiz Co., Ltd. Iwaki Plant 2004/ 2 -
Toyo Advanced Technology Incorporated. 2005/ 8 -
Toyo Tyre and Rubber Australia Ltd. 1994/ 3 2009/ 1
Toyo Tire Europe GmbH 1995/11 -
Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp. 1997/11 -
Toyo Tire North America Manufacturing Inc. 2008/ 7 2014/ 9
Silverstone Berhad 2010/ 5 2010/ 5
Toyo Automotive Parts (USA), Inc. 2004/ 2 -
New Pacific Industry Co., Ltd. 1998/ 1 2007/ 4
Toyo Automotive Parts (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. 2007/ 5 -
Toyo Tire (Zhucheng) Co., Ltd. 2008/10 -
Toyo Tire Zhangjiagang Co., Ltd. 2013/ 2 -
Toyo Tyre Malaysia Sdn Bhd 2013/10 2014/11
Wuxi Toyo-Meifeng Rubber Products Co., Ltd. 2014/ 3 -
Toyo Rubber Chemical Products (Thailand) Ltd. 2014/ 4 -

Responding to the quality standards of each country

In the Tire Business, to fully comply with the increasingly complex quality-related laws and regulations in each country, we collect information from around the world on a daily basis, in close cooperation with persons in charge at overseas Group sales companies/dealers and production bases, as well as industrial organizations. We also visit overseas regulatory authorities to exchange opinions. Furthermore, a briefing session on quality-related laws and regulations is held at all our domestic and overseas production bases regularly every year. We are exerting group-wide efforts to strengthen responding to the quality standards by promoting the sharing of knowledge on relevant national and international laws/regulations among the Group companies, regardless of location.

In the DiverTech business, we also carry out measures to ensure the quality meeting the requirements of customers as well as quality standards in each country.

Promoting QC circle activities

QC circle member from China presenting at the Group-wide QC Circle ConferenceQC circle member from China presenting at the Group-wide QC Circle Conference

As part of quality management efforts, the Toyo Tires Group has been promoting workplace-based QC circle activities.

In fiscal 2015, which marked the 50th anniversary of our QC circle activities, the number of QC circles totaled 272. QC circle activities have also evolved in terms of themes: currently QC circles are working not only on the improvement of quality and productivity but also on safety measures. The Group-wide QC Circle Conference has been held to provide an opportunity for QC circle members within the Group to share their activities and achievements and to learn from other circles. In fiscal 2015, eight circles that won in the competition at each plant and the Eastern and Western regional competitions presented their theme activities. Meanwhile, as part of efforts to improve quality management on a global scale, we have vigorously promoted the introduction of QC tools at overseas production bases. Thanks to such efforts, representative circles from two production bases in China participated for the first time in the 2015 Group-wide QC Conference.