R&D and Technological Development

R&D and Technological Development

Toyo Tires Group develops and manufactures innovative and high value-added products such as tire, vibration control, and heat insulation products from urethane and rubber.

Tire Technology

Toyo tire & Rubber develops new products and continuously improves quality using various technologies. Some of these include: “Nano Balance Technology” used to develop new rubber materials at Nano level, “T-mode” that can help us design tires by analyzing vehicle’s motion as well as tire’s motion and structure, “e-balance” which is a platform technology for designing commercial tires with better fuel efficiency and longevity, and “Advanced Tire Operation Module (A.T.O.M.)” which is our proprietary tire production system.

We conduct research and development on structural design, material design, and analytic & production technologies in order to develop new generation of tire technologies. We are working closely with universities and public research institutes with a focus on reducing environmental impact, improving performance, and developing new systems.

Tire development process flow chart

Tire Development Process Flow Chart

Vibration Control Technology

Utilizing our original technologies, structures and manufacturing methods, we develop anti-vibration products focusing on automotive anti-vibration rubber parts that control car engine vibration and body vibration, to achieve both safety and comfort at an even higher level.

We are also working to develop new products by combining individual technologies developed through production of tires and automotive components.

Thermal Insulation Technology

As a leading manufacturer of rigid urethane foam that has a wide range of applications, from the freezing and refrigeration fields to the architecture and building materials fields, we are taking the lead in reducing chlorofluorocarbons by leveraging our proprietary technologies. We are working not only to improve thermal insulation performance but also to improve the environmental and safety performance of our products.

Technological Research Bases

The Tire Technical Center is where we address the challenge of improvement in tire performance refining our proprietary knowledge and cutting-edge technology and evaluate the results. Also, we have two tire proving grounds in Japan to perform actual vehicle testing.

Tire Technical Center (Hyogo)Tire Technical Center (Hyogo)

Tire Proving Grounds (Miyazaki)Miyazaki Tire Proving Ground

Winter Tire Proving Grounds (Hokkaido)Saroma Tire Proving Ground (Hokkaido)

At the Automotive Parts Technical Center, we tackle gathering information on new technology in the ever-evolving automobile industry, establishing new technologies in order to achieve the performance requirements of car makers, and developing high-value-added products.

The Corporate Technology Center develops the seeds of proprietary technology in each business unit, which in turn leads to individual manufacturing technology. Our production technology functions are also harnessed there to create a synergistic effect. Furthermore, the Center is also working on research with an aim of developing technologies of the future.

Automotive Parts Technical Center (Aichi)Automotive Parts Technical Center (Aichi)

Corporate Technology Center (Hyogo)Corporate Technology Center (Hyogo)

Development of Human Resources with Technical Expertise

To further activate research and development activities, in fiscal 2014 a new training program titled “Development of Human Resources with Technical Expertise Who Create New Value” was launched mainly for young researchers.

R&D Expenditures

Total R&D expenditures for fiscal year 2016 was 10.474 billion yen.

Breakdown by business segment

Breakdown by Business Segment