Improving the Environment and the Society through our Products

Improving the Environment and the Society through our Products

Offering More Fuel Efficient Tires

Toyo Tires Group offers a whole array of fuel efficient tires that meet the performance standards of the Japanese tire labeling system. These products include “NANOENERGY series” which is our flagship brand of fuel efficient tires, “TRANPATH series” for minivans and compact cars, and “PROXES series” which is our global flagship brand of ultra-high performance (UHP) tires. “TRANPATH ML” for mid-range minivans released in 2016 has “AA” rating for rolling resistance and “b” rating for wet grip performance per the Japanese tire labeling system. The tire also has good wear performance, offering longer tread life, and less wobbling that is common in minivans that have more weight and a higher center of gravity. It won 2016 Good Design Award for its unique, sporty look as well as having all the core tire performance characteristics.

There is an increasing demand for hybrid trucks in the commercial vehicle category, and many want tires with better fuel efficiency and wear performance. To meet this demand, Toyo Tire & Rubber released a new tire for small trucks in its “NANOENERGY series” and other new products for trucks and buses in 2016 in Japan. In the US, we are selling tires for trucks and buses that has been “SmartWay verified”* by Environmental Protection Agency. In all countries and regions, commercial customers want fuel efficient tires because fuel cost is directly tied to the bottom line of their business, regardless of the road conditions and how and how far they drive. Therefore, Toyo Tire & Rubber is working hard to offer more fuel efficient tires for commercial vehicles.

We are committed to adding more tires with superior environmental performance to our product lineup as a part of our environmental effort in all countries and regions.

  • * Tires for trucks and buses can be “SmartWay verified” if they meet the rolling resistance standard established by US Environmental Protection Agency. The State of California mandates all vehicles pulling a trailer that is 53 feet or longer to use “SmartWay verified” tires in that state.

Tranpath ML received 2016 Good Design Award

Tranpath ML received 2016 Good Design Award

Rolling resistance coefficient comparison

Rolling Resistance Coefficient Comparison

Rating System Labeling and Fuel Costss

Tire Fair Trade Council of Japan has found in their testing that a one-step difference in the rating means a 1% difference in fuel cost. For example, our Tranpath ML has a rolling resistance rating of “AA”. So, it will require 3% less in fuel costs compared to a tire with “C” rating. (The actual savings will vary depending on the vehicle and the way it is driven.)

Delivering Products with Convenience and Safety (US)

We offer more all season tires in certain areas in the US where there is little snow. That is because it is difficult, both economically and space wise, for the customers in these areas to use summer tires most of the year and switch to winter tires for a brief snow season. However, there were some safety concerns associated with all season tires. They were slippery in certain snow and ice conditions. Sometimes, they required customers to install chains on their tires. This is difficult to do when you are not used to it. Our US distributor, Toyo Tire USA Corporation, sells “CELSIUS”, an all-weather tire for the customers in those areas. CELSIUS has the performance characteristics required for both a summer tire and a winter tire, and it has become a very popular product. CELSIUS has the design with the functionalities of a winter tire on the inside of the contact surface and the design with the functionalities of an all-season tire on the outside. Its running performance in snow and ice meets the requirement for “the 3PMSF symbol”*, yet it also offers better wear performance than a winter tire.

A three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol

  • * A three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol: The symbol helps consumers identify tires with a higher level of snow traction. It indicates that the tire meets the required performance in snow testing.

CELSIUS, All Weather Tire

CELSIUS, All Weather Tire