Contributing to Environmental Protection via Products

Contributing to environmental protection via products

In countries and regions all over the world, institutional instruments and regulations have been introduced to encourage environmentally responsible performance features of automobiles, such as high fuel efficiency and low CO2 emissions.

The Toyo Tires Group has launched a range of products featuring enhanced fuel efficiency, not only the NANOENERGY series, our flagship fuel-efficient tire brand, but also other tires for passenger vehicles, trucks, and buses.

In fiscal 2015, in Japan, in addition to new NANOENERGY series tires, new fuel-efficient tires for passenger cars that meet the performance standards specified under the Japanese tire labeling system were launched in the PROXES series, our global flagship brand for ultra-high performance (UHP) tires. “PROXES CF2,” one of the PROXES series tires released in Japan in fiscal 2015, has, since its release in 2012, been highly evaluated in Europe, where a tire labeling system similar to Japan’s is in force.

In the field of commercial vehicles, with an increase in hybrid trucks, there has been an increasing demand for tires with higher fuel efficiency and increased abrasion resistance. In fiscal 2016, we released new NANOENERGY series tires for light trucks and for trucks and buses in Japan. In North America, we are selling tires for trucks and buses certified under the SmartWay Program* of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA).

We intend to further improve our range of products featuring excellent eco-friendly performance so as to actively contribute to environmental initiatives in countries and regions around the world.

Major tire fuel efficiency-related system/regulation in each country/region

Japan The Labeling System The Japan Automobile Tyre Manufacturers Association Inc. is implementing the industry specific rules to label on tyres based on tyre grading system for both tyre rolling resistance and wet grip performance. The tyres with above certain grading for rolling resistance performance and for wet grip performance are defined as “Fuel Efficient Tyres”
EU The Labeling System The EU Tyre Labeling Regulation requires tyres to be labelled with information (grading) on external rolling noise performance, in addition to rolling resistance and wet grip performance.
The United States The SmartWay Program Truck/bus tires that fulfill the rolling resistance coefficient criteria set by the USEPA can be certified as “SmartWay products.” In the state of California, trucks pulling 53-foot or longer trailers are required to be fitted with certified SmartWay tires.


NANOENERGY3 Plus has improved the wet grip performance rating from “c” to “b” while retaining an “A” rating for rolling resistance performance of the existing NANOENERGY3.


Fuel efficient tires with a grading of “A” for rolling resistance performance and grading “b” for wet grip performance.
PROXES CF2 SUV* is the Company’s first fuel-efficient tire for SUVs, which comes in all sizes.

  • * Sport Utility Vehicle

About labeling (display) on tires based on tire grading system

According to a demonstration experiment conducted by the Tire Fair Trade Council, there is about one percent difference in fuel efficiency between each grade. This means that the fuel efficiency of a tire with AAA-grade rolling resistance is 4% better than that of a C-grade rolling resistance tire. (The actual fuel efficiency improvement depends on the vehicle you drive and how you drive it.)


Tires of NANOENERGY series for light truck, truck and bus

The Good Design Award received for four consecutive years
In 2015, “PROXES CF2″ series and “TOYO V02e” won the Award


Two of our Company’s products—PROXES CF2 SUV/CF2 (for passenger cars) and TOYO V02e (for commercial vehicles)—won the 2015 Good Design Award, sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion. This means we have won the Good Design Award for four years in a row. The Good Design Award evaluates designs not only on their aesthetic quality but also on their efficacy and utility, from the perspective of whether they are likely to enrich people’s lives and society. The Award was given to our products in recognition of their utility and development concept of pursuing improved fuel efficiency/abrasion resistance and ride comfort.