CSR Policy

We will further strengthen our CSR management in accordance with the CSR policy.

In its Vision 2020, which was formulated in 2011, the Toyo Tires Group explicitly states as one of its goals to become “a company which is trusted in society and in which each employee is keen to fulfill its corporate social responsibility.” To achieve the goals of Vision 2020, we established the CSR Policy (basic policy and priority themes) in May 2014, in accordance with which we are promoting CSR management.

Basic policy

(Established in May 2014)
The basic policy has been redefined based on our long-held belief that every single employee is an active CSR player and a point of contact with society, where “connections” are made, and on our view that the core values of CSR are “responsibility,” “trust,” and “integrity.”


The Toyo Tires Group seeks to remain a company admired by individuals and society, each member keenly aware of their “connection” with society.

The core values of CSR: “responsibility,” “trust,” and “integrity.”

We, each one of us, act with integrity, fulfill our corporate responsibilities, and win our stakeholders’ trust.

Priority themes

(Established in May 2014)
To promote CSR activities in accordance with the basic policy, we have identified particularly important CSR issues that we need to address, which we have categorized into seven priority themes. For each of the priority themes, our ideal status, or goal, to be achieved by 2020 is clearly defined.

These goals represent what a “company which is trusted in society, and in which each employee is keen to fulfill its corporate social responsibility” should look like.

The below diagram shows the relationship between each of the seven priority themes and stakeholders, in other words, the degree of impact activities of each priority theme will have on stakeholder groups (i.e., degree of importance to stakeholder groups).

Relationship between each priority theme and stakeholders

Degree of relationship: Strong, Medium

Priority theme Ideal status in 2020 Relationship with stakeholders
1. Product and service reliability and innovation Providing eco-friendly products and services founded on high quality and safety
2. Contribution to the global environment Promoting environmental management on a Group-wide basis
3. Respect for human rights and diversity Diverse employees actively working in an environment with a global sense of human rights
4. Collaboration with business partners Entire supply chain engaging in CSR activities
5. Harmony with local communities Contributing to local community development while responding to stakeholders’ voices
6. Creation of safe and healthy workplaces With priority given to safety, promoting the creation of workplaces that ensure well-being and security
7. Reinforcement of corporate governance and compliance Engaging in business activities with integrity while constantly improving management transparency We are working to reinforce corporate governance/compliance as the foundation of CSR management, while paying close attention to all stakeholders.

Customers/ Environment/ Employees/ Business Partners/ 
Local Communities/ Shareholders and Investors

Identification process of priority themes

We have identified, from a wide range of CSR issues, those that need to be addressed as a high priority, based on the materiality of each issue to the Group and its stakeholders. In May 2014 we consolidated those issues into seven priority themes.

The process of identifying the priority themes are shown below.


Message from the corporate officer in charge of CSR

To win back our stakeholders’ trust, each one of us in the Group will practice CSR vigorously.

Ikuo OhnoIkuo Ohno
Corporate Officer
General Manager, Administrative Division

The Toyo Tires Group is striving hard to prevent the recurrence of seismic isolation rubber and industrial anti-vibration rubber issues, which were disclosed in 2015. As part of such efforts, we are working to restore a corporate culture that we should have to remain a company admired by society. It is not an easy task, but our Group has a guideline to follow, i.e., the “CSR Policy.” While working to ensure that all directors, officers and employees fully understand this policy, we will develop and implement specific action plans to reach the “ideal status in 2020″ defined for each of the seven CSR priority themes. I believe that during the course of these efforts, our Group will be able to be reborn as a corporate group admired by society.