CSR Policy

We will further strengthen our CSR management in accordance with the CSR policy.

Toyo Tires Group established its CSR policy (basic policy and priority themes) in May 2014. With our “Ideal Status in 2020” in mind, we are doing more with our stakeholders and working on our CSR management that creates shared value for the organization and the society.

Basic Policy

(Established in May 2014)
Basic CSR policy clarifies in writing that CSR starts with the core values of “Responsibility”, “Trust”, and “Integrity” and that “every single employee is a point of contact with the society and must execute CSR.”

responsibility,trust,and integrity.

The Toyo Tires Group seeks to remain a company admired by individuals and society, each member keenly aware of their “Connection” with society.

The core values of CSR: “Responsibility”, “Trust”, and “Integrity”.
Responsibility: Responsibility of having a greater impact as the company becomes global.
Trust: Being a steward of our environment and society as we execute our business.
Integrity: Integrity in our business operation as the basis of our CSR.

Priority Themes

(Established in May 2014)
To implement CSR activities in alignment with the basic policy, we have identified seven areas that are important to our company and the stakeholders. We defined our “Ideal Status in 2020” to visualize where we want to be as a company in each area. Meeting these goals is the step to realizing “Our Vision” based on the “Philosophy”. It will also allow us to deliver on our promise to “create excitement and surprise with our products that exceed customer expectations and enriches society” as stated in “Our Mission”.

In March 2017, we developed our “Mid-Term ’17” Business Plan encompassing our vision for 2020. CSR management is the core of this business plan.

Relationship between Each Priority Theme and Stakeholders

Priority Theme Ideal Status in 2020 Relationship with Stakeholders
1. Product and Service Reliability and Innovation Providing eco-friendly products and services founded on high quality and safety
2. Contribution to the Global Environment Promoting environmental management on a Group-wide basis
3. Respect for Human Rights and Diversity Diverse employees actively working in an environment with a global sense of human rights
4. Collaboration with Business Partners Entire supply chain engaging in CSR activities
5. Harmony with Local Communities Contributing to local community development while responding to stakeholders’ voices
6. Creation of Safe and Healthy Workplaces With priority given to safety, promoting the creation of workplaces that ensure well-being and security
7. Reinforcement of Corporate Governance and Compliance Engaging in business activities with integrity while constantly improving management transparency We are working to reinforce corporate governance/compliance as the foundation of CSR management, while paying close attention to all stakeholders.

Identification Process of Priority Themes

We have identified, from a wide range of CSR issues, those that need to be addressed as a high priority, based on the materiality of each issue to the Group and its stakeholders. In May 2014 we consolidated those issues into seven priority themes.

Interviews with external experts (April 2014)

I believe that the challenges that the tire and rubber industries face are conserving resources (natural rubber sourcing), changing cars (commercialization of electric vehicles), and issues with human rights (child labor in rubber plantations). Especially with natural rubber which is the primary raw material, we are concerned about child and forced labor as well as destruction of ecosystem through development of rubber plantations. I believe that we must address these issues relating to environment, sourcing, and human rights from the standpoint of business sustainability. It is important for you as the company to show your stakeholders how you plan to identify and address these issues. I hope that Toyo Tires Group will be able to show us your plans as much as possible even if they are still work-in-progress.

Ms. Mariko Kawaguchi, Chief Researcher, Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd.

In recent years, the way companies disclose information has been changing drastically. More emphasis is now being placed on long-term, non-financial, and diversity issues including protection of human rights and prevention of unethical business practices. It is important to define the company policy on issues that must be addressed over the long term. Examples include reducing CO2 emissions, diversifying the board of directors, and advancement of women in the workplace. In terms of risks associated with supply chain, I believe it is better to talk in good faith with the stakeholders, including local non-government organizations (NGO), to prevent potential issues. I would like Toyo Tires Group to consider the long-term limits of the environment, resources, and the society when deciding what actions the company should take.

Mr. Toshihiko Goto, Chief Executive Officer, Sustainability Forum Japan

Message from the Division General Manager in Charge of CSR

We will implement the CSR projects to meet our “Mid-Term ’17” Business Plan.

Hirokazu Miyabe, Division General Manager, Administration DivisionHirokazu Miyabe
Division General Manager
Administration Division

Toyo Tires Group developed its “Mid-Term ’17” Business Plan for the next four years starting in 2017. To support our continued growth and to meet the goals for 2020 and beyond, we will re-evaluate our social responsibilities as a manufacturing company and strengthen our core functions that are vital to our business: “compliance”, “quality”, and “environment & safety”. We will also work on improving the source of our growth, that is, our corporate culture and the system, that allow a diverse group of people to work and maximize their potential. In order to make “Ideal Status in 2020” a reality, we will define and execute action plans for each of the seven CSR priority categories.