Promotion of Fair and Transparent Transactions

Toyo Tires Group Basic Purchasing Policies

We are committed to open and fair treatment of all suppliers in and outside of Japan based on the “Toyo Tires Group Charter of Corporate Behavior” and the “CSR Policy”. We search for and secure a stable supply of high quality materials at fair pricing.

  • Compliance
    Comply with applicable laws, regulations, and social norms and strictly maintain confidentiality in all purchasing activities.
  • Partnership
    Build and maintain an honest, healthy, and cooperative relationship with suppliers as equal partners.
    Aim for mutual growth and development through enhanced communication and stronger bonds of mutual trust.
  • Transparent and fair trade
    When selecting suppliers, assess them from a comprehensive standpoint that takes into account their willingness to share and collaborate on CSR initiatives as well as on quality, price, delivery, and sustainable supply capacity.
  • Environmental responsibility
    Promote purchasing activities that also aim to reduce impact to the global environment.

Promotion of Fair and Transparent Transactions

Through Compliance

The Subcontract Proceeds Act Compliance Managers MeetingThe Subcontract Proceeds Act Compliance Managers Meeting

Since we conduct our business with the cooperation of numerous business partners, we believe it is our clear responsibility to comply with all applicable laws/regulations, including the Subcontract Proceeds Act, and social norms, and protect confidential information.

In FY 2016, our Compliance Department worked with the Purchasing Department to conduct a self-assessment by all departments within the Group that work with suppliers. The assessment was intended to determine how well the departments understood the Subcontract Act and how much they complied with the law. We analyzed the assessment results and are implementing corrective and preventative actions as necessary.

In addition, we now have the “Subcontract Proceeds Act Compliance Managers Meeting”. At this meeting, we will have on-going study groups, start using standard manuals, and share information within the group. We will ensure that personnel in charge of purchasing have adequate knowledge and understanding of the law.

Use of Electronic Bidding System

We use Electronic Bidding System at our main locations in and outside of Japan. The system is designed to ensure fairness and transparency of our supplier selection process.