Promotion of Fair and Transparent Transactions

Toyo Tires Group Basic Purchasing Policies

  • Compliance
    Comply with applicable laws, regulations, and social norms and strictly maintain confidentiality in all purchasing activities.
  • Partnership
    Build and maintain an honest, healthy, and cooperative relationship with suppliers as equal partners.
    Aim for mutual growth and development through enhanced communication and stronger bonds of mutual trust.
  • Transparent and fair trade
    When selecting suppliers, assess them from a comprehensive standpoint that takes into account their willingness to share and collaborate on CSR initiatives as well as on quality, price, delivery, and sustainable supply capacity.
  • Environmental responsibility
    Promote purchasing activities that also aim to reduce impact to the global environment.

Promotion of fair and transparent transactions

Thorough compliance

Since we conduct our business with the cooperation of numerous business partners, we believe it is our clear responsibility to comply with all applicable laws/regulations, including the Subcontract Act, and social norms, and protect confidential information.

In fiscal 2015, we conducted e-learning training on the Subcontract Act for staff members in the relevant departments within our Group, such as departments conducting transactions with subcontractors and compliance/legal affairs departments. About 470 people received Subcontract Act training. This training was designed to help participants gain basic knowledge of the Subcontract Act and learn about familiar subcontracting-related problems through case studies. At the end of the training, a test was conducted to evaluate the participants’ understanding of the topics covered in the training. This e-learning training was conducted with the aim of improving employees’ understanding of the Subcontract Act and ability to apply their knowledge to actual situations.

We will strive to further enhance our education and awareness-raising activities to ensure full compliance in purchasing activities.

Promotion of fair and transparent transactions

Use of electronic bidding system

To improve fairness and transparency in the selection of suppliers, we have introduced and have been operating an electronic bidding system at major domestic and overseas purchasing bases since fiscal 2003.

Consideration for both quality and the environment

To ensure that all parts and materials procured from our suppliers meet the required quality and environmental standards, we visit our suppliers to perform quality audits and chemical substance inspections (in which we inspect procured parts and materials to determine whether they contain any regulated substances). For suppliers required to be ISO 9001-certified, we investigate whether they have acquired or properly renewed certification.