Message from the President

We are committed to working as one team with all of us becoming more aware and involved in our CSR management efforts. Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd. Representative Director and President Takashi Shimizu

Creating New History with Continuous Reform

In 2016, we faced a series of challenges. We made a commitment to the society to reform our organization and make a new start. We addressed the problems and implemented measures, never to allow these problems to happen again. In 2017, we are making the leap to accelerate our effort to change. We are all working as one team to tackle our challenges.

In January 2017, Toyo Tire & Rubber established a new “Philosophy”. We agreed to look to this “Philosophy” in every work we do in order to improve our corporate culture. In addition, we are working to enhance our company value by changing our structure from being organized by business (Tires and Automotive Parts (Business)) to being organized by function (engineering, manufacturing, sales, and corporate). We believe that this change will allow us to maximize the ability of each department.

In March, we released our new Medium-Term Business Plan “Mid-term ’17” for the next four years. This business plan spells out our company’s mid-term goals to support continuous growth beyond 2020.

In May, our corporate headquarters were relocated to Itami, Hyogo. With this move, we brought various functions to one location in order to allow tighter cooperation and cohesion and swifter decision-making. Itami is where we used to produce most of our tires in the early days of our company. We want to go back to where we came from and start making new history from there.

Enriching our Company and the Society through our CSR Management

Our company’s position has been steadily improving as a result of the changes we are making. I believe that our company is a member of the society at large and we must fulfil the responsibility as its member. All employees and the officers of the company must respond to the changing needs of the society and be actively involved in CSR management.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) revealed global priorities as we look ahead to year 2030 and asked all organizations to be creative and innovative in solving global problems. In our “Mid-Term ’17” Business Plan, Toyo Tires Group focused on our mobility business and addressed its growth and challenges associated with it. We are currently working on innovations to create products that are much safer and greener. We are also making our production facilities highly efficient to reduce the burden on the environment. In addition, we are working on making our compliance, quality, and environment & safety departments more robust, improving our human resources department and labor conditions, establishing crisis management procedures, and maximizing our employees’ potential in various ways. We believe that these are all vital for our continued growth.

Furthermore, we believe that working with our stakeholders is extremely important. We plan to work with our suppliers to promote CSR procurement. To be consistent with our “CSR policy”, we hope to create shared value between the organization and the society by working more with our stakeholders. Being involved in the Tire Industry Project with World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) is one example.

Toyo Tire & Rubber is committed to enriching our society by creating excitement and surprise that exceed stakeholders’ expectations.
Thank you for your continued support and encouragement.

September 2017

“Mid-Term ’17” and Action for CSR

Mid-Term '17 and Action for CSR