Respect for Human Rights

Basic Policy on Human Rights

As clearly stated in the Toyo Tires Group Charter of Corporate Behavior and the Toyo Tires Group Code of Conduct, we fully respect basic human rights and strive to create and maintain a sound workplace that is free from discrimination and harassment. Also, we are against the use of forced labor and the employment of children under legal working age.

Human Rights Education Responding to Globalization

Toyo Tires Group experienced rapid global expansion in recent years. This increases our exposure to risks related to human rights at our workplaces and with our business partners. To manage these risks, we are providing training to managers and employees who travel to other countries. These training help our employees understand the history, culture, and customs of different countries, respect others with whom they work, and develop the ability to think from different perspectives.

We provide training on minority rights to all levels of employees. This is designed to help them cultivate the ability to respect and effectively communicate with others in and outside of the company as well as people from other countries.