Creating Healthy and Comfortable Workplaces

Creating Healthy and Comfortable Workplaces

Mental health problems are one of the major causes of long-term sickness absence. The Toyo Tires Group has held mental health care seminars for all employees, from managers and supervisors to general staff, and have conducted stress checks at all offices in Japan even before they were required by the Industrial Safety and Health Act.

In FY 2016, stress checks were conducted at all business sites and subsidiaries in Japan (94% of targeted employees received the check), and mental health care seminars were held at each business site taking into consideration the results of the checks conducted there.

Furthermore, we are working to reduce the number of people on long-term sickness leave by promoting early detection and intervention through individual guidance and consultation in cooperation with industrial health staff and EAP* companies. We also provide support for employees on long-term sickness leave to ensure a smooth return to work. We plan to review our return-to-work support measures so that we can provide appropriate support for each employee according to their physical and mental condition.

  • * Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Mental Health Training at Various Business Sites (Headquarters)

Tokyo Branch

Mental Health Training at Various Business Sites (Headquarters [left], Tokyo Branch [right])

Collaboration with the Health Insurance Society

Collaboration with the Health Insurance Society is essential to effectively and efficiently conducting employee health management/improvement activities.

Working with the Health Insurance Society, the various business sites in the Group have conducted specific health examinations and provided specific health guidance to help prevent metabolic syndrome since FY 2008. In FY 2016, the percentage of employees assessed as requiring health guidance was 15%, about the same as that for the previous year, however, the number of people receiving health guidance almost doubled, a benefit of cooperating with the health insurance society. We are working to strengthen our collaboration with the health insurance society, ensure that employees are health conscious, and provide support to help them improve their lifestyles.

Furthermore, in conjunction with data health* undertaken by the Health Insurance Society, we analyze data on the diseases and health status of our Group employees by region and business site and compare the results with that of other companies in the same industry to identify the characteristics and problems of our Group. We then examine countermeasures.

  • * This refers to analyzing data, such as that on medical treatment bills, and using the results to improve the health of members.

Conducting Chemical Risk Assessment

Amendments to the Industrial Safety and Health Act require that companies perform risk assessments for 640 chemical substances confirmed to have a certain degree of danger or toxicity starting June 1, 2016, and in March 2017, 27 more chemical substances were added.

All of the Group’s business sites completed risk assessments by the end of May 2016. In addition to responding to the added chemical substances, we are introducing risk reduction measures while protecting employees from danger and preventing health problems.