The Toyo Tires Group Environmental Protection Fund

Toyo Tires Group Environmental Protection Fund

The Toyo Tires Group established the “Toyo Tires Group Environmental Protection Fund” in 1992 to provide financial assistance to non-profit organizations involved in environmental protection activities. The Fund employs a gift matching system, under which the company contributes the same amount of money donated by employees. Contributing to the fund has taken root throughout the Group, and the employee participation rate has reached about 90%. Donations have been managed as the “Foundation Fund” of the Osaka Community Foundation since FY 1993, and as of April 2017, the fund has provided 434 million yen of financial aid to a total of 796 organizations.

In FY 2013, we launched an “In-House Fund” to directly provide donations and subsidies to environmental protection organizations that we select on our own and to provide man-power support through volunteering by employees. Donations and subsidies from the “In-house Fund” totaled 46 million yen through April 2017. The “In-House Fund Secretariat” visits organizations receiving subsidies regularly each year to check and evaluate their activity status and to exchange opinions about problems with activities.

Major activities supported by the “In-House Fund”

  • Various activities, including planting tree and managing forests around our business sites that Group employees participate in as volunteers
  • Biodiversity preservation activities
  • Activities to help build a sustainable society through agroforestry, etc.

Organizations that received donations or subsidies from the “In-House Fund” (FY 2017)

Organization/Activity Name Location Activity summary
Millennium Hope Hills Iwanuma City,
Miyagi Pref.
Activities to form a breakwater to reduce and disperse the power of future tsunamis, while at the same time developing the area as an evacuation site and a biodiversity conservation center, by planting trees on hills built using rubble and debris from the Great East Japan Earthquake (employees participate in the activities as volunteers)
Mie Pref.
Activities to turn a thickly wooded area into a healthy forest through proper care to preserve biodiversity as well as to create a place where residents can relax (employees participate in the activities as volunteers)
Osaka Prefecture Greenery Fund (Wood education fund) Osaka Pref. Activities to install wood floors and walls in childcare facilities, including nursery schools, in Osaka Prefecture, using timber produced in Osaka Prefecture (“Osaka Timber”) in order to promote the healthy growth of children and to grow and maintain forests in Osaka in a sustainable way
Miyagi Pref.
Activities to restore and preserve the environment around bodies of water by protecting endangered indigenous species such as Shinaimotsugo (Pseudorasbora pumila pumila) and restoring their environment.
Niranjana Sewa Sanga (NPO) Osaka City,
Osaka Pref.
Activities to prevent desertification and floods as well as to restore biodiversity and eliminate hunger in Bihar State, India, by planting fruit trees in barren lands and promoting agroforestry in the state.
The Environment Network of Forest & Rivers in Hokkaido (NPO) Hakodate City,
Activities to create a high-quality river ecosystem and expand biodiversity conservation areas by restoring riparian forests of deciduous broad-leaved trees in deforested areas on both sides of the middle reaches of the Ninnikuzawa River in Hokkaido.
BUNA-WO-UERU-KAI (general incorporated association) Kobe City,
Hyogo Pref.
Activities to develop forests with rich biodiversity by planting and cultivating beech and deciduous broad-leaved trees appropriate for creating fertile soil with high water retention capacity.
Conference of urban development “SENNEN-SANGO-TO-IKIRU” (the organization registered as the “MIRAI-ISAN project” by the National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan) Anan City,
Tokushima Pref.
Activities to protect a huge Porites lutea coral—one of the largest in the world—found in the Oshima Inner Bay of Mugi, Tokushima Prefecture, by removing coral-eating creatures

Activity fields and breakdown of recipients of subsidies from the “Foundation Fund”

Activity fields and breakdown of recipients of subsidies from the Foundation Fund

Subsidies provided by the fund up to now (accumulative)

Subsidies provided by the fund up to now (accumulative)