Local Community Contribution Activities

Support for the “Saroma Grand Crop Festival”

The Bustling The Bustling “Saroma Grand Crop Festival” Site

One day in fall each year, we open up part of the Saroma Tire Proving Ground, located in Saroma town, Tokoro-gun, Hokkaido, for the “Saroma Grand Crop Festival”, which is organized by the Saroma Town Tourism and Products Association. The Saroma Grand Crop Festival is an annual event to give thanks for all that was harvested from the fields, forests, lakes, rivers, and sea that year, and local products are also sold at the event. The twenty-first festival was held in 2016, and about 10,000 people visit each year. In order to support the city-wide event, the our group has provided the venue since the sixth festival, puts up a “TOYO TIRES booth”, and conducts safety awareness activities to communicate the importance of proper tire pressure and routine inspections and checks to visitors. We will continue to work to strengthen the connections we have with all local residents.

Holding the “FUREAI Community Fair 2016”

FUREAI Community Fair 2016FUREAI Community Fair 2016

The Sendai Plant has held its annual “FUREAI Community Fair” on the grounds since 1993 to not only express appreciation to the local community but also strengthen bonds with employee families, and Group employees help put on the event.

The 23rd such fair was held in October 2016, and 1,300 people attended the event. We reinforced exchanges with local residents through various activities, including presents for visitors, a festival area operated in cooperation with local restaurants, and rides for kids. Plant tours are also provided to enable visitors to gain a deeper understanding of Toyo Tires Group’s business activities, and this year, 187 people, about 1.3 times the number of last year, took the tour. We will continue to contribute to the development of local communities through serious manufacturing ( “MONOZUKURI” ) and activities closely tied to local community.

Holding the “Kuwana Festa 2016”

Kuwana Festa 2016Kuwana Festa 2016

For the first time in three years, the Kuwana Plant held its “Kuwana Festa”, whose tag line is “a smile for all children and visitors,” in May 2016 on the plant grounds. The event is planned and run by the executive committee composed of employees. On that day, we had a good time interacting with the 1,700 visitors through various offerings including an entertainment show on a specially installed stage, festival area, and area selling local famous products. This event will continue to be held to provide an opportunity for local residents, employees, and family members to pleasantly deepen communication.

Support for the Japan Car Sharing Association’s “Student Mechanic Project”

Tire maintenance by students of Ishinomaki Senshu UniversityTire maintenance by students of Ishinomaki Senshu University

The Japan Car Sharing Association has solicited donations of cars since immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake and supports the daily life of victims through car sharing at its office in the city of Ishinomaki-shi, Miyagi. The 108* cars that have been provided by supporters are lent to not only disaster victims but also various other parties including support organizations and volunteer groups.

The “Student Mechanic Project”, in which the cars that the association uses for these activities receive maintenance through cooperation from Ishinomaki Senshu University, has been held twice each year, once in spring and once in fall, since the fall of 2011. We support the spirit of the project and provide tires through the Minami Tohoku Office of Toyo Tire Japan Co., Ltd., our domestic tire sales company. For the “Spring 2017 Student Mechanic Project”, we donated tires for ten cars (40 tires in total).

In cooperation with the association, we will continue to support reconstruction efforts in the area hit by the disaster.

  • * As of April 2017


Association's staffAssociation’s staff

It has been six years since the Great East Japan Earthquake hit. In Ishinomaki, reconstruction housing was build, and about 70% of the people who were living in temporary housing have moved in to these facilities. The tires provided are used for not only car-sharing vehicles provided to people living in either the reconstruction housing, which people have just moved in to, or temporary housing but also cars we use to provide support. We will continue to do all that we can in Ishinomaki.

Takehiko Yoshizawa
Representative Director Japan Car Sharing Association

Tire Safety Awareness Activities (U.S.)

Video explains how to check the tire air pressure.Video explains how to check the tire air pressure.

Toyo Tire U.S.A Corp. (TTC), a group company that sells tires in the U.S., conducts tire safety activities in order to communicate the importance of appropriate inspections and maintenance to drivers.

During “National Tire Safety Week” held by the U.S. Rubber Manufacturers Association, stores that carry Toyo Tires brand tires and agree with the spirit of the activities provide free safety inspections, including tire pressure checks. Furthermore, TTC makes available on its website videos that provide easy-to-understand information on the proper use of tires, including how to check tire pressure and tread thickness, so that customers can conduct appropriate tire maintenance on their own.

Safe Driving Class (Malaysia)

The Malaysian tire sales subsidiary Toyo Tyre Sales and Marketing Malaysia Sdn Bhd holds safe driving courses for local government organizations at outside event venues. The program is conducted so that participants can acquire the knowledge and skills to drive safely, appropriate tire maintenance skills, safe driving habits, etc. In addition to desk work through which students learn theory, expert instructors provide on-site training covering driving skills necessary for both conducting work and taking routine drives, such as erratic driving, breaking, controlling skidding, and changing lanes. In fiscal 2015, 56 employees from the Road Transport Department, Road Safety Department, Customs Department, and Immigration Department, received the training, and in fiscal 2016, 65 police officers took part.

Theory is learned through desk work

driving training

Theory is learned through desk work (left) and driving training (right)

Holding the “Education Scholarship Program” (Malaysia)

In 2014, Toyo Tyre Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a Group company that manufactures and sells tires in Malaysia, began the “Education Scholarship Program” which offers scholarships to highly motivated students in the state of Perak, where the company is located, who do not enjoy a favorable learning environment due to financial constraints. The project includes the “Undergraduate Scholarship Program” for university students and the “Student Education Assistance Program” for elementary school students. Through these programs, the company is supporting the education of Malaysia’s next generation of leaders and contributing to regional development.

WBCSD Activities


The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) is an international non-profit organization representing about 200 companies around the world, which seeks to develop proposals and address important environmental and social issues. The Toyo Tires Group participates in the WBCSD and actively works as a member of the Tire Industry Project. With the aim of turning the tire industry into a sustainable industry, project members are undertaking a range of activities, including conducting studies to identify and address potential health and environmental impact of tires, through this project.