Local Community Contribution Activities

Support for the Saroma Grand Harvest Festival

Liveliness of Saroma Grand Harvest FestivalLiveliness of Saroma Grand Harvest Festival

On a day in October 2015, we opened the grounds of the Saroma Tire Proving Ground (Saroma town, Tokorogun, Hokkaido) for the “Saroma Grand Harvest Festival,” organized by the Saroma Town Tourism and Products Association. The Saroma Grand Harvest Festival is an annual thanksgiving festival to celebrate the agricultural, forest, and marine harvest of the year, featuring the sale of a wide variety of local produce and specialties. The festival is a very popular event, attracting about 10,000 visitors from the surrounding areas each year. The Toyo Tires Group has offered part of the Saroma Tire Proving Ground for use as a venue since the 6th festival. During the festival, we set up a Toyo Tires booth and held a tire safety awareness event to remind visitors of the importance of maintaining proper tire pressure and of conducting daily tire checks and maintenance.

Holding the Fureai Community Fair 2015

Plant tour conducted during the Fureai Community Fair 2015Plant tour conducted during the Fureai Community Fair 2015

In November 2015, the Sendai Plant held its annual “Fureai Community Fair” on its premises to deepen ties between employees, local residents and employees’ family members. This event is held in cooperation with Group companies, with employees from Group companies participating in the operation of the event. The 2015 fair—the 23rd in the series—attracted about 1,300 visitors. In addition to regular attractions such as food and game stalls, the 2015 fair featured sales of local agricultural products (held under the sponsorship of JA Natori Iwanuma) to expand regional cooperation. We also conduct plant tours to enable participants to gain a deeper understanding of the business activities of the Toyo Tires Group.

Tire safety awareness-raising activities

The Toyo Tires Group implements various tire safety awareness-raising activities. At commercial facilities and event venues located near our business sites, we hold events to educate drivers about the importance of appropriate use of tires and daily tire checks and maintenance. In conjunction with the annual campaign conducted on Tire Day (April 8)* by a tire industry organization to raise driver awareness of the proper use of tires, in April 2016 our Group held tire checkup events at seven service and parking areas across Japan. At the event venues, in addition to performing tire wear checks and air pressure checks, we explained to visitors that correct tire inflation pressure improves not only comfort and safety but also fuel efficiency. Many favorable comments were received from drivers, such as “I had the air pressure of my vehicle’s tires checked. It gave me peace of mind.”

  • *Tire Day was designated to contribute to traffic safety by raising driver awareness of the proper use of tires. The date, April 8, was selected because April is the month in which the spring national traffic safety campaign is conducted and the number eight looks like two rings of tires.

Tire pressure check at a service areaTire pressure check at a service area

Employees participating in tire checkup eventsEmployees participating in tire checkup events

Participating in community cleanup activities

Around Ayabe Toyo Rubber Co., Ltd.Around Ayabe Toyo Rubber Co., Ltd.

Our plants and business offices actively participate in cleanup activities in their respective communities, to contribute to creating a pleasant environment for local residents.

Recognizing these activities as opportunities to convey our gratitude to local residents for their understanding and support for our business, we will continue actively participating in community cleanup activities.

Support for Meals on Wheels America’s 14th Annual March for Meals

UFC® Featherweight Chad Mendes helped Toyo Tires fight senior hunger by volunteering in his hometown of Sacramento, California.UFC® Featherweight Chad Mendes helped Toyo Tires fight senior hunger by volunteering in his hometown of Sacramento, California.

Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp., a Toyo Tires Group company and a local tire seller, helped fight hunger and isolation among America’s seniors by supporting Meals on Wheels America* and their 14th Annual March for Meals campaign. The local Toyo Tires company was a gold sponsor of the month-long campaign which strives to increase awareness, funding and volunteerism. Meals on Wheels America has a network across the United States of America that, along with more than two million staff and volunteers, delivers nutritious meals, friendly visits and safety checks that enable seniors to remain in their homes and independent. This was the second time that Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp. had supported the organization; the first was in fall of 2015.

  • * National organization supporting the more than 5,000 community-based programs across the U.S.A. that are dedicated to addressing senior isolation and hunger

Education scholarship programs (Malaysia)

In 2014, Toyo Tyre Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a Group company that manufactures and sells tires in Malaysia, began a program of presenting scholarships to highly motivated students who do not enjoy a favorable learning environment due to financial constraints in the state of Perak, where it is located. The project includes the Undergraduate Scholarship Program for university students, and the Student Education Assistance Program for elementary school students. Through these programs, the company is supporting the education of Malaysia’s next-generation leaders and contributing to regional development.

Scholarship program information session to the relevant local residentsScholarship program information session to the relevant local residents

Attendees at the 2016 scholarship presentation ceremonyAttendees at the 2016 scholarship presentation ceremony

WBCSD activities

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) is an international non-profit organization representing about 200 companies around the world, which seeks to address important environmental and social issues and develop proposals to promote sustainable development worldwide.

The Toyo Tires Group participates in the WBCSD, and actively works as a member of the Tire Industry Project. With the aim of turning the tire industry into a sustainable industry, this project conducts a range of activities including a study to identify and address the potential health and environmental impacts of materials associated with tire making and use.