Tire Business

The research and development, manufacture and sales of tires is our core business and this accounts for approximately 80% of total sales. Tire products are for passenger vehicles, large vehicles such as SUVs, CUVs and pickup trucks as well as trucks and buses. All our tire types have gained popular worldwide acceptance over many years.

Toyo Tires group three product brands

Making up the tire business are three brands: Toyo Tires, Nitto and Silverstone. Brand-specific business strategy is behind the development and supply of products tailored to each brand’s target market. The brands are the choice of customers around the world for high performance, quality and distinctive brand character.


Toyo Tires is a technology-focused global brand with an extensive product lineup acclaimed for exceptional performance and quality. The TRANPATH minivan tire developed as a “specialized tire” and released in 1995, has been popular in Japan for 20 years as a product that defines a minivan-specialized tire. In North America, our large-diameter tires for bigger passenger vehicles such as SUVs, CUVs and pickup trucks are increasingly popular and highly evaluated. The OPEN COUNTRY series features an extensive size lineup with superior performance for city and off-road driving proven with rigorous road races, accounting for its popularity in North America as well as the rest of the world.


A Japanese corporate acquisition of Toyo Tires, the distinctive Nitto brand with its unique and innovative designs, made a comeback in the U.S. Its niche-market popularity and support especially among North American car dress-up and tuning fans is significant. This brand offers large-diameter tires for light trucks and ultra-high-performance tires as it steadily expands markets from the core North American market to include Asia, Middle East and Oceania.


Silverstone, the famous Malaysian brand joined the Toyo Tires Group in 2010. Fulfilling large delivery quantities to car manufacturers in Malaysia, SILVERSTONE enjoys considerable local recognition. We are positioning this brand as a high dependable tire brand with a clear Southeast Asia presence for passenger cars.

High performance and quality supported globally

With a growing worldwide tire demand, the Toyo Tires Group is building a global production and supply system to serve North America, Japan and Asia with the aim to ensure a quick supply of products critical to each regional market. To secure consistent, high performance and quality anywhere, Toyo Tires policy is to continue to refine its technologies then transplanting the latest technology into newly established plants. The policy reflects our commitment to delivering outstanding performance that meets the requirements of each market’s customers.

Achieving the world’s most environmentally friendly technology

We are a technology-oriented manufacturer with a technology development goal of realizing the world’s most environmentally friendly technology. One example is our goal of a fuel efficient tire that rolls smoothly on dry roads and stops safely on wet roads. NANOENERGY is a flagship brand that has gained the top rating in Japan’s environmental performance grading standards for tires. We are aggressively developing and promoting NANOENERGY as a global brand in overseas markets.

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