Message from the President

We have put “mobility-related business” in tires and automotive parts at the core of our business portfolio, and play our role as a key support of the auto industry on a global scale. With pride and determination to fulfill these responsibilities in both word and deed, we are going to change our name to Toyo Tire Corporation in January 2019.

We established ourselves in August 1945 as a manufacturer of tires and other rubber products to meet the needs of the times. Over more than 70 years since then, we have constantly made technical innovations and delivered products reflecting social changes and advances to customers around the world.

Besides polishing performance and quality, we continue to be particular about producing designs that are brimming with creativity and ingenuity. The generation of differentiated, high-level added value is the company philosophy driving our activities.

How can we make effective use of not only our intangible assets in the form of our store of technology but also our resources represented by equipment and locations, and maximize their value? To do so, each and every one of our employees must pool their wisdom and join together in agile action. As I see it, this is our distinctive strength and the source of the meaning in our existence.

As many of you already know, the auto industry is now at a critical crossroads of the sort that comes along only once a century. The motorized society we will see 10 or 20 years from now is undoubtedly going to look extremely different from that at present.

With our eyes on the coming “mobility society” of the future, we are already striving to develop a diversity of advanced technologies. One example is an airless tire that does not have to be inflated. It has reached the level permitting attachment and operation on actual vehicles. We have also launched development of a suspension module with a start-up firm developing EVs, and created mobility aerodynamics technology enabling highly precise simulation of aerodynamics. This technology can help to further heighten the fuel efficiency of passenger cars and have a positive influence on the continuous driving distance of EVs without a recharge. Then there is our Toyo Silent Technology, which is linked to the development of devices for effectively reducing the cavernous resonance produced by tires. As this indicates, we have been germinating the seeds of new technologies for the future.

In the company philosophy, our Mission sets forth the goal of “creating excitement and surprise with our products that exceed customer expectations and enrich society.” This is our commitment to society, as we make it our creed not only to resolve issues in response to needs but also to provide new realizations and joy.

I am requesting all of our employees to bear in mind our origins as a manufacturing company while aspiring to make us a company with presence that will be welcomed by society as a whole, and am counting on your continued patronage into the future.

October 2018

Representative Director and President Takashi Shimizu