Message From the President

We have positioned replacing and repairing seismic isolation rubber products, the source of the recent scandal, as the top business issue and will move forward with all our strength until the work on every impacted structure and device has been completed.
We will then rebuild our business foundation from its core and continue to implement reforms related to systems and awareness to become a company needed by society.

We have eliminated the system of divisions vertically segmented by business and implemented unprecedented fundamental organizational reforms. Each technical entity—production, sales, and technology—will fulfill its particular function, and each corporate entity will support and coordinate the various technical entities throughout the company.
We are also formulating a new corporate philosophy and actively working to establish a dialogue to align how we view things with the new philosophy as the origin of all our work.
This is a new management system unique for the company that will quickly work to raise corporate value by getting people to adopt a single frame of mind, bringing the wisdom of all employees together, maximizing skills, and creating harmony as one team.
We formulated the “2017 Mid-Term Business Plan”, a new four-year mid-term business plan for greater growth in the future, and started to implement that plan in fiscal 2017.
Using our “mobility businesses”, such as tires and automotive parts, as the core of our business portfolio, I want us to steadily increase profitability and move forward with efforts to create a more unique presence.

In May 2017, we moved the headquarters to Itami City in Hyogo Prefecture and launched operations at the new corporate building, which boasts a unique design with a tire motif. The headquarters and technical development functions are located near each other, and even the research and development function has been brought closer. Because our main tire factory was originally located in Itami City, we consider the establishment of the new headquarters in this area, which was closely tied to the period when the company was founded, as a great turning point worthy of being called a “second founding” for the company.
Because I am sure that all employees will keep in mind our origins as a manufacturing company and build a new history, I hope for the continued deep friendship of all.

August 2017

Representative Director and President Takashi Shimizu