Roots of Toyo Tires

Toyo Tires was born in August 1945 with the hopes of a new generation just prior to the announcement of the end of World War Two.

Roots of Company’s Birth

The roots leading to the birth of Toyo Tires can be found in two companies: Toyo Rubber Industrial and Hirano Rubber Manufacturing.

Toyo Rubber Industrial

In 1938, Toyo Rubber Industrial, which was founded by Toyo Boseki (today known as Toyobo) and preceded by Naigai Saisei Rubber, expanded its scale of operation through a number of mergers and acquisitions. With the outbreak of the Pacific War in 1941, following intensification of a wartime system rubber manufacturers were required to sustain a fixed supply, and in an effort to survive, Toyo Rubber Industrial hastily absorbed the automobile tire sectors of manufacturers, thus gaining qualification to remain independent.

Hirano Rubber Manufacturing

Meanwhile, Hirano Rubber, founded in 1890, was a trailblazing pioneer that manufactured industrial-use packing and hoses. During wartime in 1943, the company became a military-run plant, and while looking for a supporter to meet the demand for increased production, Toyo Boseki became a capital participant and Hirano Rubber Manufacturing was founded.

Overcoming War Disaster and Merger

Just as Toyo Rubber Industrial and Hirano Rubber Manufacturing were each making a full-fledged effort to grow their businesses, the production plants of both companies were razed in massive air bombings in June and July 1945, respectively. Each suffered extensive damage. Their vital facilities and products were lost in an instant, and images of the shell-shocked employees are recorded in the 50 years’ history of the company.
Toyo Rubber Industrial and Hirano Rubber Manufacturing cooperated together in an effort to recover the plants of both companies and merged in order to overcome the war disaster, thus opening the door to a new chapter in history as the Toyo Tire and Rubber Company. 

Year Month Toyo Rubber Industrial Hirano Rubber Manufacturing
1890 - Hirano Kozaburo Company, predecessor of Hirano Rubber Manufacturing, founded
1894 May Hirano Kozaburo Company re-organizes into Hirano Rubber Manufacturing
1938 May Naigai Saisei Rubber, predecessor to Toyo Rubber Industrial, founded by Toyo Boseki (today known as Toyobo)
June Naigai Saisei Rubber acquires Tomoya Rubber Manufacturing
Oct. Changes company name to “Toyo Rubber Industrial”
Merges joint stock company Shimada Rubber Manufacturing
1939 Feb. Merges Takekawa Rubber
Merges Uchida Belt Manufacturing
1941 Jan. Acquires Nissan Rubber Manufacturing
Acquires Naniwa Rubber Manufacturing
March Acquires Asahi Kako   
July Acquires Sone Tire Manufacturing 
Sept. Acquires Kitasiki Belt Manufacturing
Acquires Osaka Rubber Belt Manufacturing
1942 June Acquires automotive tire sectors of Nihon Bycicle Industory Rubber and Naigai Rubber
Nov. Acquires automotive tire sector of Kaneda Rubber Manufacturing
1943 March Leases three plants from Toyo Boseki. Begins full-fledged automotive tire manufacturing.
Dec. Hirano Rubber Manufacturing established with capital participation by Toyo Boseki
1944 Sept. Toyo Boseki contributes Nishinari plant
1945 June Three main Kozaki plants incur extensive damage from air bombing  
July Sakai plant incurs extensive damage to buildings and machinery from air bombings
Aug. Merger Toyo Tire & Rubber established August 1, 1945